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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Space To Use?

Space To Use is an online platform where users can list their unused parking, storage and office space to rent out.

  • What type of parking are people looking for?

There is demand for car parking in city areas where there are many offices, near airports and near to sports stadiums and event venues such as indoor arenas. These parking places can by driveways, unused complex car parks and just about any other parking situation.

  • What type of storage are people looking for?

There are many expensive options out there but Space To Use is a person-to-person sharing facility with cheaper storage options. People with spare garage, shed, even container space can rent it out to people looking to make use of it.

  • What type of office space can I find on the site?

As Space To Use grows there will be a whole abundance of office types. Co-sharing office space is a very popular model to suit small budgets. 

  • Where is the nearest car parking near me?

Simply go to the home page  and browse through the onscreen categories to find the best parking space in your area.

  • Does it cost me to list my space on Space To Use?

For a limited time, it will be 100% FREE to list your parking space on Space To Use. Your listing will expire after 3 months and you can choose to relist it again for FREE.

  • Does Space To Use take commission when I rent out my space?

No. there is currently no commission made, nor success fees.

  • How do I list my available car parking, storage or office space?

Follow the straight forward List Your Space form and your successful listing will be live on the site instantly. New listings are monitored regularly to prevent any inappropriate content.

  • I live in Auckland, where is parking near me?

The Space To Use collection of listings are ever-growing. Follow the home page prompts to find parking space in your area.

  • How much should I charge for people to use my space and park there?

Take a look at the other current listings to see what the average market price is to be competitive for car parking. Ultimately, it is up to you how much or little you want to charge.

  • What other advantages are there for having shared space?

Not only making money from your unused space but having a car parked on your driveway is good for security as it acts as a deterrent as it appears someone is home even when there isn't.

Do you have any other questions you'd like to ask?

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